Hygiene Care

New Client Hygienist consult


Complimentary optional consultation with our Oral Health Therapist to discuss your oral health needs 

10 minutes

Hygienist appointment - new customer (45 - 60 mins)


This visit includes a periodontal health assessment and biofilm disclosing followed by a gentle hygiene clean with our state of the art airflow EMS machine.  The Oral Health Therapist may discuss with you whether x-rays are needed to monitor bone height, reveal calculus deposits and/or check pockets around teeth and implants.  There is no additional charge for x-rays.

Under most circumstances, your dental treatment can be completed on this visit. If further treatment is required, it will be discussed and scheduled accordingly

Hygienist appointment - regular 3-6 month follow-up


Regular care helps reduce biofilm and makes your teeth and mouth feel fantastic!  Biofilm buildup on teeth increases the risk of tooth decay and inflammatory gum conditions.  Poor oral health has links to serious health conditions such as heart disease and dementia.   

Invest in maintaining your teeth, smile and overall health with a regular 3-6 monthly visit, or as advised by our oral health therapist for a periodontal health review and the unique  EMS Swiss airflow clean. It's gentle, it's thorough and its suitable from 4 years of age to 104!

Our $15.00 fluoride varnish treatment is available too should you wish to strengthen and protect teeth.

45 minutes

Hygienist appointment - extensive treatment

$190.00 - $260.00 - variable

For clients who've missed out on care for a while, or who require extensive treatment.  Price depends on treatments required.  Please talk with our Oral Health Therapist for further information and for a package tailored to meet your needs.

60 - 90 minutes

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening consultation


Complimentary consultation to answer any questions you may have, view before and after shots and see discuss all aspects of achieving a brighter smile

15 minutes

Teeth whiten and brighten


The results we can achieve are fantastic with a low dose hydrogen peroxide solution activated with a blue light to gently lighten and brighten while the hydrogen peroxide turns to oxygen and water.  We guarantee a minimum of 2 shades lighter in our safe oral health environment.  It's quick, it's easy and without the need for take-home trays, gum damage and sensitivity often associated with other systems.

With your consent, we apply tooth mousse at the end of the session to gently rehydrate teeth with calcium, phosphate and fluoride.  They will look and feel amazing!

60 minutes

4-6 monthly whitening boost


Recommended for those that have had their last whitening session between 4-6 months ago or for those with hyper-sensitive teeth.  This takes about 45 minutes.  Your teeth will be at least one shade lighter and brighter

45 minutes

Children's Services

Private fees apply for preventive care for 0-12 year olds, as the Waikato DHB Community Oral  Health Service provides routine funded care.

This service is at no charge for 13-17 year olds provided it is part of their annual visit, for which we have a contract with the Waikato DHB.

Professional Clean for 4-12 years old inc bacteria staining, gentle cleaning & home care advice  (20-30 mins)$85.00
Professional clean for 13-17 years old not registered with us or who require additional to their annual cleans (e.g. with braces)$140.00
Fluoride varnish application$15.00
Fissure sealants - first one 
Additional sealants at the same appointment, each
Dental check$65.00
X-rays of back teeth$35.00
Ministry Funded Care for under 18 yearsNo Charge

Have more questions?

Don't hesitate to email or call us now if you have any more questions about teeth whitening or would like some advice

Phone:  07 929 0536



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