Childrens Services

Cambridge White Oral Health Therapists and Dental Therapists are highly skilled at relaxing children and taking an appointment at a child's individual pace. 
Our goal is to develop positive healthy professional relationships for ongoing oral health care.

Emergency Dentistry

Free care in emergency situations
when you are unable to get a timely appointment with 

Community Oral Health service (0800 TALK TEETH 

Check Up's 0-12 years

Private fees apply for preventive care for 0-12 year olds
See our pricing below

Check Up's 13-17 years

Free for 13-17 year olds provided it is part of their annual visit and they are regisered with us.

All Services

Professional Cleaning For Braces

A regular professional clean can help manage plaque, bacteria levels and gum health for adolescents while braces are in place.  Our EMS airflow can provide a gentle and thorough clean, perfect if braces are fitted or after they're removed.

We can:

  • Disclose bacteria and guide your child on best care
  • Provide an assessment or second opinion,  a check of alignment of teeth and referral if needed
  • Apply fissure sealants
  • Coat teeth with fluoride varnish to enhance their resistance to decay
  • Provide dental care to restore teeth or manage conditions
  • Referral to other services such as specialist care

Children's Check-Ups & Cleaning

Great oral health starts with achieving and maintaining clean teeth and healthy gums. 

Your child's very first dental appointment should be between 6 months and 1 year of age and 6-monthly to annually thereafter. 

A fantastic way to experience dentistry is to start with a full mouth clean using the latest in gentle Swiss technology, the EMS Airflow.  This is suitable for children and adolescents from about 4 years of age.

We are able to take small very low dose x-rays to reveal and monitor changes inside teeth and under gums.  This enables a preventively-focused care plan to be developed with you and your child.


Private fees apply for preventive care for 0-12 year olds, as the Waikato DHB Community Oral  Health Service provides routine funded care.

This service is at no charge for 13-17 year olds provided it is part of their annual visit, for which we have a contract with the Waikato DHB.

Professional Clean for 4-12 years old inc bacteria staining, gentle cleaning & home care advice  (20-30 mins)$85.00
Professional clean for 13-17 years old not registered with us or who require additional to their annual cleans (e.g. with braces)$140.00
Fluoride varnish application$15.00
Fissure sealants - first one 
Additional sealants at the same appointment, each
Dental check$65.00
X-rays of back teeth$35.00
Ministry Funded Care for under 18 yearsNo Charge


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